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If you are an AggData Premium subscriber, this is where you can log in and download any list from our library that you need. Log in above and browse or search for the data you are looking for. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with your account or this site.

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Note: Below are recent changes to the AggData Premium interface. This will include bug fixes, enhancements, and new features as they are added.

ULI -> ALI Transition

We have been working on a major transition of the way we identify locations internally and across time. You can read the details of the change by downloading the following PDF:

AggData ULI Changes

You will see changes if you used the ULI in your User Preferences or in a List Builder (they have all been converted to ALIs). Also, if you need to map your locally-stored ULIs to the new ALI equivalent, we have created a large data map which you can download here:

ULI -> ALI Mapping

A couple of things to note on this file:
First, Because it includes all historical data, the file is extremely large. Specifically, it is over 500MB uncompressed, and around 20 million records. Second, there is a small portion of old data whose ULIs are not included in this mapping. We don't predict any of you to have this data locally, especially if you've been keeping up with updating your lists, but if you do have ULIs that don't match, please let us know and we can help you fill in the blanks.

We appreciate your patience throughout this process. Please contact your account manager or if you have any questions.

Release Notes 2016.02.04

FIXED: A file downloaded from a list’s page now has the correctly formatted date when the user specifies “LAST_UPDATED” in user preferences.

UPDATED: Output data now uses the Line Feed character and Carriage Return character (\r\n) instead of just the Line Feed character (\n).

UPDATED: International lists now may include the geo-accuracy value of “ROUTE: GEOMETRIC CENTER”, due to addresses that are particularly ambiguous.

Release Notes 2015.12.22

FIXED: The Data Browser is now faster and more reliable. Parent and sublist information is now output for greater clarity.

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